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Canada’s Charter of Rights – Political Debates and #TorCen Debates

In this article NDP Candidate Linda McQuaig criticizes Liberal Candidate Chrystia Freeland and Conservative Candidate Geoff Pollock for avoiding Toronto Centre Debates. Although her criticisms may be legitimate, it is worth reminding Ms. McQuaig and the NDP that Jack Layton himself did not participate in Toronto Danforth Debates – while at the same time saying about candidates who skip debates that:

“I’d heard that it’s a malady that seems to be sweeping across the Conservative candidates across the country,” he said.

“I think that the best way to deal with it is to replace them in government so they can go back and get some bed rest, or whatever is required.”

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#TorCen Candidates November 25 By-election

It’s Official – The Election is November 25, 2013

The Toronto Centre Candidates  …

Dorian Baxter – Progressive Canadian Party

Leslie Bory – Independent Candidate

Kevin Clarke – Independent Candidate

John Deverell – Green Party of Canada

Judi Falardeau – Libertarian Party

Chrystia Freeland – Liberal Party

Linda McQuaig – New Democratic Party

Michael Nicula – Online Party of Canada

Geoffrey Pollock – Conservative Party

John Turmel – Independent

Bahman Yazdanfar – Independent

The deadline for candidates is Monday November 4, 2013. You can monitor the entry of Toronto Centre Candidates here.

@TorontCentre results including totals for #TorCen Candidates

Thanks to all candidates for your work and contribution to democracy in Canada and service to the residents of Toronto Centre.



@TorontoCentre by-election a big party for the parties – #TorCen candidates irrelevant!

Running for public office is an important contribution to the community and to the Democratic process.

Therefore, I join with:


#TorCen Candidates Debates – ThatChannel.com – November 23, 2013

@NationalPost confirms there are ONLY 4 #TorCen Candidates in @TorontoCentre election

There are four candidates in the much-watched Toronto Centre contest, one of four federal byelections Monday. But two of them are Linda McQuaig and Chrystia Freeland — celebrity authors and thinkers who have turned the race into a two-woman battle over a shared pet issue: income inequality. Ms. McQuaig, for the NDP, and the Liberal Ms. Freeland have different prescriptions, and agreed to debate the issue (and others) this week with Financial Post Editor Terence Corcoran:

Unbelievable. Looks like the National Post is on a campaign to maintain the “Party Stranglehold” on democratic process. You better join the party!

Thoughts on the November 21 #TorCen Rosedale United Church some candidates debate

Toronto Centre Debates Reports

Report 1Rogers TV – Some Candidates Debate – Nov. 13/13

Report 2St. Michael’s College Attempted Debate – Nov. 16/13

Report 3Toronto Centre “FATCA Centric” ALL Candidates – Nov. 18/13

Report 4Steve Paikan Discussion with Some Candidates – Nov. 20/13

Report 5Jarvis Collegiate – Some Candidates – November 20/13

Report 6Rosedale United Church – November 21, 2013

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