#TorCen All Candidates Debate – Monday November 18/13

“Because the business of the public is the public’s business!”

What: Toronto Centre All Candidates Debate

When: Monday November 18, 2013 – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Where: Don Mills United Church – 126 O’Connor – Doors open at 6:45 p.m.

All Toronto Centre candidates are invited! Please confirm your attendance.

Toronto Centre Debates is a community initiative to:

– ensure that all candidates are able to participate in debates

– get the public interest in attending debates

– promote the idea that candidates are first and foremost responsible to their ridings.

As information about the evening develops, it will be posted here. Please spread this information far and wide!

Here is the a video of the debate we organized for the Toronto Danforth by-election.


1 thought on “#TorCen All Candidates Debate – Monday November 18/13

  1. Bahman yazdanfar

    It seems that day-by-day the arrogant sense of entitlement of the mainstream party candidates is getting from bad to worse. As soon as a person receives his or her nomination from NDP, Liberals, and Conservatives to run as a candidate in a riding, he/she becomes infected with some sort of superiority complex. For instance in the riding of Toronto-Centre which is historically Liberal, the NDP candidate challenges the Liberal candidate for a one-on-one debate, with complete disregard to other candidates in the 2013 by-election.
    I am wondering if Linda McQuaig, an author and journalist who claims to be an educated individual, thinks that voters in this riding have already dismissed other candidates, and their only dilemma is to choose between her and her rival, Chrystia Freeland, another author and journalist? OR, perhaps NDP and Liberals treat the constituents as spectators and are showcasing this by-election as a simple “cat fight”! Maybe I do not have the ability to comprehend the skills these two candidates bring to the table to qualify them as effective MP’s!
    I do not believe that writing books automatically qualifies an individual to become a representative for a riding, neither their occupation as journalists nor their involvement with media. I am pretty sure a large number of Canadians are exposed to the fiasco that has been generated by senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin. Not to mention that the qualifications of neither Linda McQuaig, nor Chrystia Freeland, meet the background and reputation of these senators.
    One would wonder why these mighty candidates, Linda McQuaig and Chrystia Freeland, their associations, and parties who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, mobilizing hundreds of volunteers, are so concerned to face-off other candidates? After all, independents and fringe party candidates could not possibly compete with their might!


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