Candidates debates: The right to participate and the obligation to participate

Very interesting blog post about exclusionary debates. It includes:

… many have attacked Linda McQuaig’s challenge as being inherently undemocratic. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who herself was excluded from the Federal Leaders’ Debate in 2011, called McQuaig’s move “undemocratic” and openly questioned whether it was Linda McQuaig’s idea to go with the strategy in the first place.

LOOK: Elizabeth May comments on Linda McQuaig’s debate challenge:
For her part, Chrystia Freeland quickly re-committed herself to the previously scheduled all candidates debates, arguing that it is important for Toronto Centre voters to hear from all parties. It seems an open and shut case. There will be no exclusionary debates in the Toronto Centre by-election but that’s not the whole story.
There are two issues:
1. The right of all candidates to participate in candidates debates;
2. The obligation of candidates to participate in all candidates debates.
Some parties and candidates continue to believe that they have no obligation to attend debates.

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