@OnlineParty nominates Michael Nicula for #TorCen By-election

Highlights from the Michael Nicula bio include:

I founded this political movement out of passion for politics. I am committed to spend my free time and energy to promote the concept of ‘Participatory Democracy’ and this organization.

The Mission of OPC is to provide a new kind of political dialogue and leadership, based on the simple principles of democracy: everyone has the right to vote, everyone’s vote counts, everyone’s vote is equal. Every Canadian who has the right to vote in this country, can join the website and express their opinion on every issue by comments and votes. You don’t have to be a member of OPC – we welcome members of other parties and give them the same rights, the only requirement is to be an eligible voter! I believe this is the most democratic system that is functional and preserves a reasonable level of access security.

The political leadership we envision is young, professional, talented, energetic, committed to the democratic principles of leadership and the rule of simple majority. At the same time, we will hold them accountable and move them out as soon as their support fades away. I have invented the concept of ‘Accountability Oath’ that our Representatives have to sign, as we don’t want another round of dishonest elected representatives who get in public offices based on promises they never intend to fulfill. This document connects (for the first time in Canada) the elected officials to the voters.

Einstein quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
For decades, Canadians have voted the same old politics: either left or right, but the same ‘political establishment’ with their non-democratic processes, lobby and powerful groups’ influence. Regardless of who’s in charge in Ottawa, the major policies remain the same.
We are offering something new: a direct connection between you, the voter, and your elected officials. Have your say in any decision or piece of legislation you care about. This time, vote something new, vote for real change in Canadian politics!

Do you have it in you? Give online politics a try.


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