@CAFreeland and @GeoffPollock refusal to attend results in cancellation of @Toronto350 debate

What ever happened to this?

Oh well, I guess she really didn’t mean it. Which leads us to:


One really must ask:

There is a saying that you “reap what you sow”.

The @Toronto350 announcement of cancellation is:

Toronto350.org was hoping to host a meeting of all candidates in the Toronto-Centre by-election (taking place on Nov 25th, 2013) to discuss climate change and science policy. The debate was initially to be held in partnership between Toronto 350.org and Scientists for the Right to Know, in the Toronto Centre riding on November 13, 2013. WE ARE UNHAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO NON-PARTICIPATION BY AT LEAST TWO MAJOR PARTIES. The goal of the host organizations in this case was to give voters in the upcoming Toronto Centre by-election the opportunity to hear the positions of the candidates in regard to the Earth’s changing climate and the ‘muzzling’ of Federal scientists. Unfortunately the campaign of Geoff Pollock, the Conservative candidate within the riding did not respond to our invitation. The campaign of the Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland indicated their candidate was too busy to attend and they were additionally unwilling to engage in a ‘narrow topic’ debate. — “Given the scope and significance of the issues, we feel these are anything but ‘narrow topics’. There is no broader topic to discuss than the future of our species and our planet.” — Toronto350.org We hope in future to be able to host events with representation across the political spectrum. We invite all parties to work collaboratively with Toronto350.org and the international 350.org movement to solve the climate crisis. There are other town halls scheduled for Nov 16 in the Great Hall of Hart House at the University of Toronto between 3 and 5pm and on Nov 20 at Jarvis Collegiate from 7 to 9pm. November 16 is also a North-American day of action on pipelines and the climate. We encourage anybody concerned about the climate or science policy to attend these gatherings and to direct questions on these topics to the candidates.


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