Liberal byelection candidate Chrystia Freeland is still thinking about the U.S.

From Toronto Centre Debates:

It’s fine for Ms. Freeland to think about the U.S. The real question is whether she is still a “U.S. person” under U.S. law. If so,  Chrystia Freeland needs to think about the FATCA and how that will affect her (she may or may not hold a Green Card), other Canadians and Canadian sovereignty. FATCA is a U.S. law that turns the Canadian banks into IRS informants. To learn how this will affect Canadians: Google “FATCA Canada” and be prepared to be shocked. Rather than focusing on “Plutocrats” Ms. Freeland should focus on aspects of U.S. imperialism that directly affect Canadians. For an overview of this monstrosity visit:

Interestingly Canadians opposing FATCA have attempted to reach out to Toronto Centre Candidates – inviting them to protest FATCA.

A prominent feature commentary in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times published on Nov. 3 features a curious byline: Chrystia Freeland, who was essentially hand-picked by Justin Trudeau to run as the Liberal candidate in the Toronto Centre federal byelection scheduled for Nov. 25.

Plutocrats vs. Populists” is an update on the themes of the book she published last year, toward the end of her run as a New York-based columnist, editor and journalist, most recently with Reuters.

The footer of the 1,965-word piece describes her as “The author of Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else and a Liberal Party candidate for the Canadian Parliament.”

Freeland’s supersized column is focused on American politicians, specifically the New York City mayoral race, whose frontrunner Bill de Blasio is singled out as a populist reaction to the plutocratic style of…

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1 thought on “Liberal byelection candidate Chrystia Freeland is still thinking about the U.S.

  1. Bahman Yazdanfar

    The question should be why NDP candidate Linda McQuaig, focus on the activity of just one candidate, among eleven candidates who are running in this By-Election. If she is so concerend about Canadian politics, she should invite all other confirmed candidates by Elections Canada to participate in debates, and let people decide for themselves. Apparently she is still upset of being turned down by Chrystia Freeland for a one-on-one debate!

    By now, both Linda McQuaig and Chrystia Freeland should have getting a taste of their own medicine! And what is look like to be rejected, let alone being excluded, something that is being experienced by seven other official candidates in Toronto – Centre 2013 By-Election!

    What is more newsworthy to the residents of Toronto Centre? Knowing that they have elven candidates to choose from, or what Liberal candidate was doing last weekend? Is there any reason why people in the media, do not mention that there are eleven candidates running in Toronto-Centre By-Election? Are these three mainstream Parties, NDP, Liberals, and Conservatives paying you to impede democratic process? Is it fair to keep constituents in the dark, when it comes to choosing their representatives? Is there anyone there to answer these questions? Or fall on deaf ears!


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