Linda McQuaig plays the ‘Just Visiting’ card against Chrystia Freeland

From Toronto Centre Debates: This raises two interesting questions:

1. Does it matter whether the MP lives in the riding?

2. Once again we see the Liberals basically “parachuting” a candidate into the riding. Sure, there was an “official race” contest to become the Liberal Candidate in Toronto Danforth. But, it’s likely that the outcome was determined by the party leader.

When it comes to the Liberals, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Does one of the two pundits attempting to replace Bob Rae as Toronto Centre MP in a Nov. 25 byelection deserve greater consideration for having put down deeper roots in the riding?

NDP candidate Linda McQuaig has stepped up the inference with a new video that emphasizes her downtown Toronto bona fides compared to Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland — an Alberta native who just moved into the riding after more than a decade in New York, preceded by journalistic work that took her around the world, including a Toronto-based stint at the Globe and Mail from 1999 through 2001.

Presumably, given how Freeland’s departure from Reuters coincided with the implosion of the online project she was working on, she plans to stick around Toronto Centre for a while. A riding redistribution in 2015 will give her another likely shot at running regardless of the outcome this fall.

But it would…

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