Toronto Centre NDP candidate claims opponents are avoiding debate

From Toronto Centre Debates: Appears that Chrystia Freeland does not want to participate in Toronto Centre Debates. Should political debates be governed by S. 3 (Democratic Rights) section of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms? This question is explored in: Canada’s Charter of Rights, Political Debates and Toronto Centre Debates.

Chrystia Freeland, the Liberal candidate in the Toronto Centre byelection scheduled for Nov. 25, made a curious cameo in The New York Times last weekend with a long essay about U.S. politics in the middle of a federal Canadian campaign.

The focus of the commentary was criticized by NDP candidate Linda McQuaig, a fellow journalist who wondered why Justin Trudeau’s preferred successor to Bob Rae was not focused on Canadian politics instead, given how she previously turned down the invitation for a one-on-one debate on the subject of income inequality by expressing a preference to meet all candidates on the ballot.

McQuaig campaign drew attention to the fact that three debates scheduled for this month were cancelled because Freeland declined to participate — while Conservative candidate Geoff Pollack also decided to sit them out on the grounds that their specific focuses on the environment, culture and higher education were too…

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