8 thoughts on “Thoughts on @TorontoCentre Nov. 18 #FATCA #TorCen All Candidates Debate

  1. Em. R.

    This is an excellent report. If I lived in Toronto Centre I would have a hard time deciding between Bahman Yazdanfar and Dorian Baxter. Leslie Bory is to be commended for understanding that Canada’s sovereignty is at issue here but primarily FATCA is an attack on vulnerable and law-abiding individuals living in Canada and it is our government’s constitutional and moral duty to defend and protect them. If the Canadian government sacrifices these individuals to the dictats of a foreign government then it must be confronted in the courts and in the streets for such a betrayal.

    1. torontocentredebates Post author


      Thanks for your continued interest in this. As I wrote in the report, it became apparent that FATCA is so complicated and technical that it was unfair to hold the candidates to a “high standard of knowledge on this”.

      Nevertheless, Baxter and Yazdanfar are clearly (I’m not saying the others aren’t) extremely tough, principled, intelligent, public spirited men who are worthy of sitting in Parliament. (Interestingly they are both immigrants.) Either one would do Canada proud! They absolutely stand “head and shoulders” over the main party candidates. If you want to see them in a debate see the video of the debate we organized in Toronto Danforth for the Jack Layton by-election


  2. Blaze

    Superb assessment. Thank you for organizing this debate. Shame on the candidates who couldn’t be bothered to show up for such an important issue affecting Canadian sovereignty.

    If the Americans get their way on FATCA, what’s next? Will China, Russia, Iran and Eritrea demand the same for anyone born in their countries who are Canadian citizens?

    And, what will the United States bully Canada over next?

    The only way to deal with a bully is to say no.

    1. torontocentredebates Post author

      Thanks for our tweets and blog (Maple Sandbox) – definitely helped with the “learning curve” on this.

      Unfortunately, the only clear response to FATCA is to say NO on all levels. The problem is that to say “No” requires courage.

      Courage is the will to proceed in the face of fear. FATCA needs to be opposed now! There will reach a point where U.S. control over Canada is so great that Canada won’t be able to resist.

      Feel free to use this post in whole or in part in your campaign to stop FATCA.

  3. Mike

    Thanks for all the hard work organizing and setting up these debates and the awesome job done! I was the other person who was interviewed by CBC that night. I am working on getting the word out. I have reached over 300 people since and in a strange twist, found out that the Native communnity was uninformed. I have a session booked with the largest Native newspaper in Canada this week. The reporter had no idea of any of the FACTA laws and intrusions on Canadians. He is now educated and ready to get the word out. Just a note to Gwen and her family….. I am not taking this sitting down and am going to do the very best I can to get the word out that this is a terrible injustice to the hard working Canadians like you and me and this whole country! Thanks all and I’ll keep you posted….. Mike.

  4. Bahman Yazdanfar

    I appreciate all the support that I am receiving from readers. At present, all those who run on behalf of the mainstream parties have to follow detailed instructions from their their parties’ leadership. Interestingly enough, these candidate constantly talk about their leaders in debates, when they are asked any question. Sometimes I get the impression that they are campaigning for their leaders , and not themselves. As a result they are extremely uninformed, and in some cases completely misinformed, about issues that affect a large number of Canadians. One such issue is FATCA. I am disappointing with one candidate in particular, the Liberal Candidate, who has not shown any interest in this issue, especially since she is considered to be a “US PERSON”, under the definition of FATCA.
    It is very sad to see these mainstream parties’ candidates have no foresight, or basic analytical skills for that matter, and do not comprehend the ramifications of FATCA to Canadians in general. FATCA does not affect only those Canadians who have, or had, ties with the US, but also those Canadians who are married to these US PERSONS, work for these US PERSONS, do business with these US PERSONS, not to mention the additional banking regulations that will affect all Canadians.
    And what are candidates of the LPC, NDP, and PC doing? Bickering with each other, blaming each other for old issues, praising their leaders, etc. The whole thing a bad version of a family feud.


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