@NationalPost confirms there are ONLY 4 #TorCen Candidates in @TorontoCentre election

There are four candidates in the much-watched Toronto Centre contest, one of four federal byelections Monday. But two of them are Linda McQuaig and Chrystia Freeland — celebrity authors and thinkers who have turned the race into a two-woman battle over a shared pet issue: income inequality. Ms. McQuaig, for the NDP, and the Liberal Ms. Freeland have different prescriptions, and agreed to debate the issue (and others) this week with Financial Post Editor Terence Corcoran:

Unbelievable. Looks like the National Post is on a campaign to maintain the “Party Stranglehold” on democratic process. You better join the party!


1 thought on “@NationalPost confirms there are ONLY 4 #TorCen Candidates in @TorontoCentre election

  1. Bahman Yazdanfar

    Isn’t this a form of perjury? Newspapers and media in general suppose to check the facts before publishing a news, report or an article! Last I checked there were eleven (11) candidates who were confirmed by Elections Canada, and their names appears on the ballot. Then why a publication as famous as The National Post keeps mentioning “Four Candidates”? As far as I am concerned there are only two possibilities for their action in this matter: either they are incompetent and do not know or verify their facts, or simply deceptive, aiming to keep the elctorate in the Toronto – Centre riding in dark!


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