Democracy is not a spectator sport

Bob Rae has resigned. There will be a new MP in Toronto Centre. The by-election has been called for November 25, 2013. This is an important by-election. There is a very exciting and competent group of Toronto Centre candidates. The last by-election as exciting as this was the 2012 election to replace Jack Layton in Toronto Danforth.

Toronto Danforth Debates was a community initiative that organized the most exciting debate and ran the most informative blog.

Toronto Centre Debates has been formed to duplicate that initiative!

We intend to interview the candidates, run an informative blog, run an ALL candidates debate – a debate where ALL candidates are invited.  We are committed  to ensuring that ALL CANDIDATES are able to participate in this exciting process.

Democracy  is simply too important to be left to the professional politicians.

Want to help?  Always felt you were a blogger at heart? Feel free to submit articles for inclusion on this blog. Want your views known? Please comment on the blog posts as they develop.

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